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Before you start your online application, you should read through the guidance and collect the evidence, testing, references that you need. The list below suggests what you should review and consider in order to complete a successful application.

1. Categories

We only accept applications for the following categories:

Watering - sprinklers, trigger nozzles, irrigation controllers, sensors and systems, water measures and dripperlines, bushfire watering systems and wicking beds

Leaks - products that directly identify or fix leaks.

Greywater - greyflow innovations and managing systems.

Pool and Spa - covers and blankets including liquid covers, water conditioning systems and filtersac, backwashing systems

Garden - garden pots, composts, mulch, soil amendment products including wetters and conditioners, synthetic grass, aquifers and wicking beds

Turf - recognises drought tolerant turf grasses for the home lawn environment.

Plumbing - diverters, aquifers, pipe work solutions and system-based water conditioners.

Bathroom - tap aerators, waterless urinals, vacuum toilets and shower timers/shorteners.

Cleaning - cleaning machines and hand held trigger nozzles for commercial and residential cleaning purposes.

Car - waterless car cleaning products.

Rainwater - rainwater management systems.

Analytics - practical water management tools for optimizing water and soil nutrients.

Glasswashers - commercial glasswashers (not covered by WELS).

2. Criteria

Your product or service must adhere to all the following criteria

Water saving
That the primary purpose of the product or service is directly related to reducing actual water use and/or using water more efficiently, where there is a direct correlation between the use of the product and water savings.

Fit for purpose
That the appropriate use of the product or service is consistent with supplied instructions and other documentation.

Meets regulations and standards
That the product or service is of high quality and meets industry standards, and customer and community expectations, in relation to water use.

Environmentally sustainable
That the product or service, while satisfying the above three criteria, is environmentally sustainable, and despite claimed water savings will not adversely affect the environment in other areas.

Note that services provided by a manufacturer to assist in sales will not be considered.

3. Guidelines

The Independent Expert Panel needs all claims in your application - water saving claims especially - to be independently verified (such as independent testing, case studies or comparative reports).

You have to prove the primary purpose of the product is directly related to reducing actual water use or using water more efficiently. To gain approval you must be able to demonstrate that your product saves water or improves efficiency and calculate the amount it saves.

Unsubstantiated marketing claims are not regarded as evidence of water saving.

Guidelines for specific categories are available for applicants below. It is important you read these before applying since the benchmarks, testing outlines, approved verification sources and specific criteria for each category is detailed. If this is not adhered to you will affect the success of you application.

If you are applying for a category not listed here please check eligibility with us first at

4. Proving your product meets the ‘Regulations and Standards’ criteria often requires a third party. You will need to provide evidence that your product complies with all the appropriate national and state regulatory, health, plumbing (Watermark), electrical and standards requirements. So check you have your certificates and/or evidence for your product before you apply.

  • All plumbing and drainage products must have the ‘Watermark’ to be eligible. Applicants are asked to check the ‘Watermark Schedule of Products’ which lists products requiring Watermark certification or to visit the Australian Building Codes Board site.
  • Greywater products sold in WA must also be approved by the Department of Health.
  • All pool and spa covers must have the SAWM Fit for Purpose Certificate to be eligible.

5. In order to demonstrate ‘fit for purpose’, you must provide examples of the information provided to customers to ensure correct use and application of the product.

6. To demonstrate your product is ‘environmentally sustainable’ you need to prove that the product will not adversely affect the environment in other areas. If your product does have any possible negative health and environmental risks you will need to provide details and copies of any consumer safety information provided with the product e.g. safety data sheets (SDS).

7. You will be asked to provide the company ABN, product name, model numbers, photographs of the product, a sample of the product and details of which states it is sold and its retail value.

8. You will be asked to supply two personal references to legitimize your application.

9. Your application will be checked to ensure we have everything to give it to the Independent Expert Panel for assessment. If complete, we will invoice you for the application fee. On receipt the application will then be included in the next review meeting.

10. If you have products or services that are very similar with differences that are simply cosmetic in nature such as colours, features and optional extras and do not affect the actual water use of the product/service you may not have to submit a separate application – contact us at before doing multiple applications.

If you have any questions or queries about the Smart Approved WaterMark scheme, just drop us an email at