Monday 20 August

With dam levels falling and drought conditions returning to many parts of Australia, now is the time to embed water efficiency into our homes and gardens. Smart Approved WaterMark certifies water efficient products and services and works closely with over 55 water corporations and councils across NSW, Victoria and QLD to help them provide water saving advice for their residents.

Recently, the entire state of NSW was declared in drought, with almost one-quarter classified as being in intense drought by the NSW Department of Primary Industries. Much of Southern Queensland and Victoria are also in drought according to the Bureau of Meteorology. Nationally, it was the driest July since 2002 with below average rainfall for most of southern Australia.

So far, the impact has been felt mainly in the agricultural sector. However, our cities are not immune. All over Australia water providers are looking at the supply/demand balance. Whilst we need to increase supply, using water wisely in our homes continues to be part of the water security equation.

“This is a clear indication of the need to embed water efficient practices into our lifestyles. It doesn’t feel like long since the end of the last drought eight years ago and we’ve been doing really well as a nation to keep our water use down. However, there is always more we can do to help save water by choosing water efficient products and making small changes in our behaviour.” Says Chris Philpot, CEO, Smart Approved WaterMark.

“We’ve reviewed over 600 water efficient products since 2004 with the aim of making it simple for everyone to choose products that save water.” Says Chris, “We approve a range of products representing all sectors - from pool covers to watering systems to waterless car washes and more. You can find us in your local garden centre and hardware store. So next time you’re shopping for water using appliances for your home and garden look out for the hand holding the blue water drop.”

In addition to certification, Smart WaterMark helps water corporations and councils across Australia provide water saving tips and advice to their residents. The Smart Water Advice program consists of 35 pages of water saving content for home, garden & workplace, as well as interactive resources such as the Plant Finder, how to videos and YouTube playlists. Not to mention a portfolio of factsheets, postcards, bill inserts, television commercials and more. This online resource can be embedded into a water business’ website. Resources can be customised, regionalised and branded to suit a member’s needs.

Smart Approved WaterMark was set up in 2004 to identify products and services that save water to help people make the right choices when shopping for water using appliances. Approved products and services are licensed to use the Smart WaterMark logo on packaging, point of sale information, website and marketing materials.

Smart WaterMark’s Technical Expert Panel independently assesses the applications of products and services seeking Smart WaterMark accreditation. It comprises seven members and an independent chair representing international expertise. The Independent panel meets three times a year to consider applications against the following criteria: water saving, fit for purpose, meets regulations and standards, environmentally sustainable.

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