Does COVID-19 mean you are you using more water at home?

In the last few weeks the way we live, work and play in Australia has changed dramatically.Most of us probably have never experienced anything like this. Many of us are faced daily with juggling child care, home-schooling, working from home, exercising, cooking, shopping and the daily domestic chores.

In Australia we are still understanding how the pandemic is changing the way we use water.However, with most of our time being spent at home it is likely the amount of water we are all using daily will increase.We are reaching for our taps more at the moment, and rightly so, as we wash our hands more often.

In the UK, a number of water companies are reporting that residential consumption has risen by 5% or more. There has also been a significant reduction in non-household water use in some impacted sectors such as ‘Leisure’. Anecdotal evidence from the USA suggests no overall change in demand in the residential sector, but a later morning peak as people are sleeping in.They have also found a 20% drop in use for commercial/industrial areas.

With the expectation that we will be using more water at home, there has been no better time to think about your home water use and what areas you might be able to save a little water. We’ve produced a fun home water audit to help you find out how much you are using.

You could consider some of these easy ways to save water during this time:

  • You might be washing your clothes more often now so don’t forget to always use a full load.
  • Top up those dishwashing liquid bottles with water to maximise that last bit of detergent in the bottle.
  • Remember that whatever you use to wipe, that flushing anything other than the 3Ps - pee, poo and (toilet) paper - may result in a blockage.Items such as wet wipes, paper kitchen towel and sanitary products should be disposed of in a bin since they do not break down in wastewater pipes.

Download our great Home and School Self Water Audit worksheets here

Or Visit the Blue House for tips or grab a cuppa and read through the hints and tips in Smart Water Advice - there are some how to videos you might want to check out too!