We are proud to have certified some excellent products recently including the Rain Bird ‘LNK WIFI Module’, Orbit's 'B-Hyve' controller, Hoselink's 'Ned Kelly Starter Kit' and 'Hose Connector', 'Green Machine', and both Reece's 'Weathermatic' and 'Skydrop' products. We also welcome ‘Refresh Valet‘ to our Service portfolio.

Our relationship with Rain Bird continues to strengthen. The ‘LNK WIFI’ Module is their 9th product certified with Smart WaterMark. Socrates Cromdos, National Sales & Marketing Manager is impressed by the value the mark has had on their product proposition. Rain Bird has been working with Smart Approved WaterMark since 2005 to ensure its products are recognised as water efficient. Socrates described the value of being a part of the Smart Approved WaterMark scheme. “Having products approved from an independent body that can see the value in the product and the brand itself is a way of communicating to the marketplace; so there's the partnering of the marketing but also the weight that an independent tester carries,” Socrates said. “I think to have Smart Approved WaterMark as a communication partner carries weight,” he added. Socrates explained the company’s reasoning behind applying to the scheme. “If you don’t do it, then you’re not highlighting the worth of your products as best you can,” he said.

Hoselink have made Smart WaterMark certification a necessity for their product range. Marketing Manager, Michelle Di Micco, recognizes that costumers look for external validation when purchasing water saving products. “I felt that having that external certification would give additional credibility to our products and the claims that we make,” Di Micco said. Hoselink has utilised the Smart WaterMark in commercial advertising as well as on their product pages on the website. “I think it looks legitimate and that it is very beneficial and an additional help in convincing customers that the product is worth investing in,” Di Micco stated.

The benefits of the Smart WaterMark are multiple. Certification includes:

  • An independent third party assessment of your products water saving ability.
  • Smart WaterMark logo for your product packaging, POS, website and marketing materials.
  • A dedicated page on the Smart WaterMark website.
  • Promotion in social media, articles, mentions in industry and consumer presentations.
  • When drought rebates are offered, the Smart WaterMark is part of the criteria.
  • Water efficiency is a unique selling point. Certification provides a market advantage.
  • SAWM available in the EU so Australian Approved products can apply for dual licenses.
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