In a significant development offering benefits to the holders of the Smart Approved WaterMark a partnership has been signed in Europe with Waterwise UK.

For Mark holders in Australia the international expansion means that products or services that are currently approved by Smart WaterMark can now not only use the logo on product packaging, point of sale information, marketing collateral and online channels in Australia, but also in Europe. It also means that European water efficient products can apply to be certified to use the Mark and take advantages of its benefits. The Smart Approved WaterMark is the only international water efficiency label.

“Smart WaterMark is very excited about this opportunity to grow the market for water efficient products. Water efficient products are now considered desirable items in the family household and the commercial business sector,” says Chris Philpot, CEO of the Smart WaterMark. “Saving water makes sense for a range of social, economic and environmental reasons and not just during drought conditions either,” continues Mr. Philpot, “By providing an opportunity to certify European water efficient products, Smart WaterMark hopes to expand the market opportunities for all involved with the scheme.”

Jacob Tompkins, Managing Director, Waterwise said, ‘We value this partnership which aims to further support innovation in water conservation from Australia to Europe and eventually across the globe. We look forward to the certification of a range of water efficient products and services from the UK and Europe.”

Benefits in applying for the Smart WaterMark include:
• Smart WaterMark provides endorsement from an independent not for profit Expert Panel of judges.
• As an approved product or service you are able to use the Smart WaterMark logo on product packaging, point of sale information, marketing collateral and your web site.
• The Smart WaterMark logo provides market advantage to Mark holders.
• Smart WaterMark actively promotes its approved products and services through its web site, social media and by delivering consumer water efficiency campaigns.
• Smart WaterMark provides a green tick for your organisation’s corporate social responsibility.

If your company has a water saving product or service, and you would like independent certification, visit and review the application process. The next Expert Panel round closes shortly on 11 February 2016.
Smart Approved WaterMark is Australia's label for products and services that save water. The scheme was established by the Australian Water Association, Irrigation Australia, the Nursery & Garden Industry Australia, and Water Services Association of Australia.

Smart WaterMark was established in Australia in 2004 with the aim of increasing the availability of water efficient products on the market. In this time it has certified over 320 products and services. An independent Expert Panel assesses applications and has a range of experience covering water conservation, horticulture, water utilities, irrigation, plumbing, education and retail. In order to be successful, products or services must meet the four main criteria: saving water or enabling water saving, be fit for purpose, meet regulations and standards and be environmentally sustainable.

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