Sustainable Choice and the Sustainable Choice Database

Sustainable Choice is the NSW local government’s leading sustainable procurement program. It assists local government to integrate sustainability into their procurement processes. One of the many tools Sustainable Choice offers is the Sustainable Choice Sustainable Products and Services Database.

A product listing on the Sustainable Choice database is free of charge and is a way for suppliers of sustainable products and services to reach out to local government. Sustainable products/services are those which by way of their manufacture, delivery and/or use are socially responsible, reduce the impact on the environment and are affordable.

The database is actively and regularly promoted by LGP to NSW councils and receives approximately 1,400 page views and an average of 300 council users each month. With this level of activity from local councils wanting to purchase more sustainably, there is an opportunity for you, as a supplier of water efficient products, to join the database to promote your products and Smart Approved WaterMark certification.

For more information on the database and how to register for an account, please visit our website.