Higher levels of collaboration are a key aim for the Australian water industry. It is particularly good news if the collaboration is entirely voluntary and outside of any formal bodies or regulatory requirements. An informal collaboration between all of the Victorian urban water corporations, along with DELWP and the Smart Approved WaterMark (SAWM) has successfully delivered a package of over 30 pages of web-based water efficiency advice for households and businesses.

The initial delivery of the water efficiency advice is based on the web assets previously hosted by savewater.com.au. The elements of the collaboration included the choice of which of the savewater web assets to use, negotiation of pricing, development of the formal Agreement and consultation on the content of the deliverables.

So you could say that this was a highly efficient way to deliver a water efficiency advice service and a good example of the benefits of water industry collaboration.

Andrew Cooney, Executive Director, Policy, Governance and Legislation, at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning said, "The Department and the Victorian urban water corporations have worked collaboratively with Smart Approved WaterMark to provide Victorian customers easy access to information on using water wisely. Smart Approved WaterMark's new website - Smart Water Advice provides a source of information to support Melbourne's Target 155 and the regional Target Your Water Use programs being delivered across Victoria."

Additional resources will be developed including a plant library and selector, video content and further interactive materials. To browse the resource visit: www.SmartWaterMark.org/Victoria

Smart Approved WaterMark is best known for certifying water efficient products and services across Europe and Australia. However, this collaboration has launched a new program – Smart Water Advice. The program aims to develop and deliver innovative water efficiency resources for water businesses and councils across Australia.

Chris Philpot, CEO, of Smart Approved WaterMark said ‘The concept of Smart Water Advice is that through a combined support of the water industry, economies of scale can be achieved and joint resources can be developed at low cost to be shared across Australia. Smart Approved WaterMark is in the ideal position to deliver water efficiency at a national level working closely in collaboration with water businesses.’

The program also has support from several councils across NSW including members of the Namoi Water Alliance, the Lower Macquarie Water Utility Alliance and Centroc Water Alliance.

Water utilities and councils across Australia that are interested in finding out more about the benefits of becoming a member of Smart Approved WaterMark to gain access to water efficient resources should contact Chris Philpot, CEO at chris.philpot@smartwatermark.info or on 02 9223 3322.

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