Blissfully Unaware

We breathe 20,000 times a day and we don’t think about it

Our heart pumps 100,000 times a day and we don’t think about it

We swallow 500-700 times a day and we don’t think about it

Our minds wander 46.9% of the time, 30% of the time during every activity - except sex…

We boil a kettle 4 times a day and we don’t think about it

We touch our faces 23 times an hour and we don’t think about it

We touch our hair 18 times a day and we don’t think about it

We pick our noses about 4 times a day and we don’t think about it

Millennial's check their phone 150 times a day but don’t think about doing it

People all around the world are spending at least 3hrs a week cleaning their houses,

75% of them are drinking coffee every day, even making 3-4 cups of instant a day at home and don’t think about it….

Since we do all this unconsciously, we can be sure the essential water we use for most of them, as well as our survival, is also something we do not think about.

At a time where social consciousness, global health and national drought and unprecedented bush fires dominate the media - the consistent essential – water – is unconsciously used.

These unconscious behaviors build up over time because we fundamentally do not value water enough to put in even a minimal effort. We need to change our underlying values in order for a new habit to stick.

We are challenging all Australian households to confront their water using autopilot and put their unconscious behaviour on notice.

Take the Water Night Challenge

Make a prediction then see just how often you reach for the taps... Be warned it will open your eyes.

We wager that in as little as 5 hours your household will have reached for the tap twice as many times as you thought. Most of that is likely unnecessary use.

Water Night will change how your partner, kids, friends, colleagues and neighbours use water. You’ll wonder how you never noticed how often you reached for the taps before.

Water Night will give you the insight and power to reduce your annual household water use by 30% - you’ll know just where to stop your water waste and how to crush your water using autopilot.

Water Night, whilst symbolic, has the potential to inspire;

30% reduction in household water use across the nation

30% less water to be taken unnecessarily from supply

Unprecedented awareness of water use and waste - to increase our awfully low water literacy levels and to inspire our children to use water wisely

Increase in water efficient product and service innovations

Household dollars saved for water and energy

Plus, Water Night’s success will also help Australia to lead the world once more as the expert in Water Efficiency.

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