Using the rinse water from your washing machine on the garden is a great way of being efficient with your water use but we do need to be careful of the impact it might have on the plants, grass and soil. How can we choose the right laundry detergent that does the job well but is also environmentally friendly?

City West Water in conjunction with Choice has tested the best performing laundry detergents to understand how customers can:

  • Get a great wash
  • Safely use the rinse water from the washing machine occasionally on the garden
  • Assist with recycling wastewater at treatment plants

The study shows the best performing detergents are:

Top loaders: Omo Ultimate Liquid, Coles Ultimate Concentrate Liquid

Front loaders: Radiant Sensitive Liquid, Radiant Brilliant Whites Sharper Colours Liquid

Another great tip from City West Water is to swap powder detergents to a liquid concentrate. Liquid concentrates contain less salt than powders, making them less harmful for our waterways and better for wastewater recycling.

Find out how your laundry detergent performs

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