Support Aussie farmers in drought

Since a drought is a reality for much of the nation we helped raise money as part of the RuralAid’s ‘Buy a Bale’ fundraising campaign to support rural communities.

We encouraged Australians (wherever they live) to donate $20 or more to the campaign so that together we can get water and hay to Aussie Farmers in peril.

We had high hopes and our supporters were generous. We are incredibly grateful to Daisy Pool Covers who generously agreed to match your donations dollar for dollar so together we have raised $3,138 that’s just over 30 large bales of hay or over 143,750 litres of water for farmers in dire straits. So thank you very much.

How that cash could be spent

• $20 buys a small bale of hay and helps transport it to the affected areas
• $60 buys 3 x $20 gift cards to help put food on the table
• $100 buys a large bale of hay
• $250 buys 11,500 litres of water can be delivered to farms in need
• $500 buys 5 large bales of hay
• $1,000 buys 10 large bales of hay

More about Daisy Pool Covers

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