SPASA launches Climate Care Certification

The Climate Care Certification Program is an initiative of the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia Ltd (SPASA). It is the Pool and Spa industry’s new efficiency and sustainability certification program.

SPASA has developed this program to support, protect and promote the way the swimming pool and spa industry operates and strives for best practice sustainable solutions.

By participating in the Climate Care Certification Program, members of SPASA can promote their products, services and installations under an industry approved, environmentally sustainable program.

A climate care certified product, system or installation/retrofit/construction is one that creates a new benchmark for swimming pools and spas which utilises:

  • Water efficiency/sustainability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Noise reduction measures
  • Environmentally sustainable designs
  • Efficiency/sustainability innovations
  • Smart Approved WaterMark

    Smart Approved WaterMark is ‘The Certification Partner for Water Efficient Products’ for Climate Care Certified. Certification with Smart Approved WaterMark provides a Climate Care applicant with verification of water saving claims required in the application.

    Launch Offer

    As an exclusive offer, SPASA members who apply to Smart Approved WaterMark are able to get both Climate Care Certification and Smart Approved WaterMark for the cost of one (valid for 2 years).

    Climate Care Certified Benefits

    Having your products, systems or installations/retrofits/constructions climate care certified enhances your ability to:

    • Highlight your product/system/installation’s environmentally sustainable qualities
    • Show your commitment to preserving the environment and to industry best practice
    • Gain a competitive edge in the market place by joining a network of environmentally conscious providers, listed as Climate Care Certified on our searchable database
    • Increase sales and productivity by having your industry innovations: recognised, endorsed, validated and approved as Climate Care Certified
    • Improve your reputation and credibility with consumers, colleagues and industry partners, and
    • Demonstrate your investment in the industry’s sustainable future and inspire others to do the same

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    Eligibility for Climate Care

    Examples of products, systems and installations certified under the Climate Care Certification Program may include (but are not limited to):

    • Pool covers
    • Spa lids
    • Backwash treatment and recycling systems
    • Cartridge filter
    • Filter media
    • Pre-filtration devices or backwash minimisation systems
    • Pool pumps
    • Any noise reduction measures
    • Led pool lighting
    • Heat pumps
    • Smart meters/controllers
    • Pool cleaners
    • Construction/installation/renovation of pool/spa
    • Retrofitting of products/systems to existing pool/spa

    Program Registration

    As part of the registration process, all products, systems and installations submitted for registration will undergo a claims verification process undertaken by a SPASA appointed panel prior to being provided with the Climate Care Certification. The program registration form is available at