Get Creative Schools Promotion 2018

Launched in National Water Week (21-27 October), the Get Creative Schools Promotion was an initiative Smart Approved WaterMark created with 3 passionate licensees - Hoselink, Hunter and Terracottem and the Irrigation Association Australia. The campaign aimed to involve students between pre-school and year 12 in an important conversation about water.

Every living creature needs water – well over 7 billion humans rely on it just to function.

As plentiful as H2O seems, there is only 3% of fresh water on the planet. Only 1% of that is drinkable. Since humans are just 0.01% of life on earth dependant on that water, the pressure is on.

At Smart Approved WaterMark, we believe in a blue future, a future that celebrates the many amazing qualities of water, sees its strength and acknowledges its vulnerability.

Everyone knows it makes sense to keep showers short, turn taps of when washing teeth and scrape dishes rather then rinse them. We have seen the posters, ads, factsheets, and websites reminding us the right things to do – but many people don’t see the importance of these little changes in their lives.

That’s why we turned to the nations youth. Young Australians are custodians of the nation’s future water use and at this experiential phase in their lives, they are best placed to embrace and respect the life force that is water. So, we wanted to encourage the nation’s youth to show us what they think and love about water. To enter children could send a completed colouring sheet or an artwork.

We had 61 entrants from 13 schools and centres into the competition each amazing examples of passion and creativity. Thanks to all of the entrants and supporters of National Water Week School's Competition.

Winning schools:


The three lucky winners won a prize pack of $1,000 or more of Smart WaterMark approved products for their school.

The prize pool of nearly $5,000 worth of goods included generous donations from Terracottem, Hoselink and Hunter Industries. These products will enable schools to improve their soil, water their lawns and manage their land more efficiently.

In addition to the prize packs, each winning school received a free Water Efficiency Audit, courtesy of Irrigation Australia. The ultimate way to find costly leaks and quick fixes to water efficient irrigation.

Thanks to the supporters of Get Creative

Entries were received from the following schools

Kings Road Pre-School Castle Hill NSW
West Wyalong High School NSW
Leaping Learners Mt Annan NSW
Grenfell Pre-School and LDC NSW
Good Start West Bondi Junction NSW
Coogee Public School NSW
Little Zaks Academy Bondi Junction NSW
Tenterfield Pre-School and Kindergarten NSW
Avenue Early Learning Kindergarten QLD
Mildura West Primary School VIC
Swan Hill Primary School VIC
Woorinen District Primary School VIC