Smart Water Advice is a resource developed to help organisations provide professional water efficiency information to their customers.

For a small membership fee, you have access to the Smart Water Advice platform which contains:

The online resource is available for members to embed within their own site or link directly to via provided banners and/or hyperlinks. Resources can be customised, regionalised and branded.

View the water efficiency resource at

How would you benefit from becoming a member?

  • Removes the need for every organisation to spend time developing water efficiency resources independently.
  • Provides resources to organisations that do not have resources or time to produce such resources.
  • The collaborative nature of the program means that resources can be produced at low cost to each member.
  • Central production ensures consistency of design and messaging.

Interested in finding out more about how you can become a member, contact Chris Philpot on 02 9223 3322 or

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