Oh What a Night!

Over 3,400 Australian households across the country took part in Water Night on 22 October 2020 during AWA National Water Week. Participants went without using their taps and got through a night with one bucket of water from 5pm-5am. If you were one of them, we just wanted to say thank you for taking part.

What Participants thought.....

"Well...that was a really interesting exercise. I am conscious of my water usage and have 2 rainwater tanks, one which is connected to the toilet. It is so easy to turn on the tap, though, we are spoilt here. I was thinking last night of people in other countries and the homeless who can't just reach for the tap. It was interesting to see the amount of water which some use for different things. The one which surprised me was cleaning teeth! '" S.Brake, WA.

"We are a family of two retirees whose children have long ago left home. We are very aware of sustainability issues, which included being very careful with water use, but we joined this to see how thoughtful we really are. Despite our heightened level of awareness." N and S Whitehouse, South Perth

Were you one of the people who reached for your taps more than you thought?

Our research suggested households thought they would reach for their taps 9 times a day and use their toilet 5 times a day. Initial feedback from Water Night suggests participants reached out much more than they thought - were you one of them?

What happened?