The Skydrop controller doesn't water on a set schedule with just a rain delay like regular timers and other smart controllers. It dynamically adjusts the watering frequency and duration needed for each zone. Connect to your home WiFi, then use the controller, a computer or your smartphone to easily setup zones and manage your sprinklers from anywhere.


  • Controls up to 8 zones. The optional expansion module adds another 8 zones taking the controller to a maximum of 16 zones.
  • Settings for soil type, plant type, sprinkler type, shade, slope angle, and more. Simple and quick.
  • Real-time, neighbourhood level data from up to 2000 weather stations across Australia help intelligently forecast watering.
  • Watering algorithms use zone settings and weather data to determine which zones should be watered, and when.
  • Skydrop can be programmed to take into account any local water restrictions and only water when permitted.
  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors when using the optional weathersafe enclosure.
  • Large 4.3" LCD display screen on the controller.
  • Stainless Steel jog dial with internal LED indicator ring showing the exact status of the controller.
  • iOS and Android apps available.

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