Plastipack’s pool cover materials are available with the standard 12mm Bubble or GeoBubble™ technology. Both bubble designs are available in a range of thicknesses and colours.

Range and Benefits

CoolGuard™ is a 500 micron swimming pool cover material.

  • The light blue top surface provides a high reflective quality that minimises the heat being absorbed and transferred into the pool through the material.
  • The opaque underside shades the water from the suns energy preventing solar gain keeping the pool a refreshing temperature.

The EnergyGuard™ selective transmission 500 micron material consists of a clear top surface and a midnight blue bubble layer.

  • This midnight blue layer has the ability to selectively absorb and transmit different areas of the solar spectrum. Allowing the material to absorb solar energy used in photosynthesis and pass this to the pool through conduction, while transmitting inferred wavelengths through the material to heat the water directly.
  • Offering optimized solar gain and algae inhibition, the EnergyGuard™ material effectively delivers the best possible balance between solar heat gain, chemical and filtration reductions.

The Sol+Guard™ is a 500 micron, transparent, swimming pool material.

  • Sol+Guard transmits 80% of the suns energy in the visual and IR spectrum through the material to heat the water and basin of the swimming pool.
  • Tests in the UK have shown temperature increase of up to 6˚C and testimonials from hotter climates estimate up to 8˚C above the ambient uncovered pool temperatures, reducing the heating demand by up to 70%.
West Australian Endorsed

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