The Heritage Water Tank gutter system is designed to capture the water that lands on top of your water tank. The system is fitted to your tank and all the rain that lands on the tank roof is directly diverted into the tank via the patented gutter system. This system has been installed throughout Australia in thousands of water tanks, from Ravenshoe in Far North Queensland, Cattle Stations in the Northern Territory, and even in the marginal farming country in the Eyre Peninsula and throughout regional Western Australia.


  • The circular tank gutter system can be fitted onto a Heritage Water Tank when it is installed, however, the gutter can also be fitted to all existing steel tanks with a profiled roof. This can be done easily D.I.Y, or by a plumber or tank installer.
  • All water collected from the tank roof is in addition to the water that can be harvested from the surface catchments that are plumbed into your tank such as from the roof of your house and sheds. The amount of water that you can collect depends on the rainfall in your area and the size of the tank.
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