Orbit B-Hyve wifi Timer

The B-Hyve wifi Timer allows you to control your timer from anywhere with a cell or internet connection. So whether you're in the garage, the comfort of your bed, at work, or half way around the world, you can monitor and control your sprinklers as if you were right next to the timer.


  • 6 station / 12 station Wi-Fi irrigation controller with smart water watering capabilities to conserve water.
  • The Orbit B-Hyve incorporates Weather sense technology that provides smart watering based on site conditions such as slope, soil type, sun/shade positions, historical evapotranspiration and weather feeds.

Orbit B-Hyve Tap Timer with Hub

The B-hyve Smart Hose Tap Timer converts any of your outdoor Taps into an app controlled water source giving you complete control over your watering right from your smart device! Program your timer with our free Android or iOS B-hyve App, or use your computer with a Wi-Fi connection. Manual watering is available at the press of a button. B-hyve helps you water smart by using WeatherSense technology so it won't water in the rain. Plus, B-hyve delivers the exact amount of water your plants need, based on slope, soil type, sun exposure and more: giving you the beautiful yard you want, while saving water, time, and money. With B-hyve you no longer need to guess on how much water you're using. Our built-in flow meter lets you know how much water you're using, and how much you need to water your plants, wash your car, or fill your pool. It can even be set to water by volume, not just by time. Waters in seconds making it ideal not just for gardens, but also for hydroponics and greenhouse applications too. If you have multiple B-hyve timers, Bluetooth meshing allows the timers to communicate with each other to ensure they don't water simultaneously. Add additional smart valves to create multiple watering zones in your yard; these timers will network together to boost the signal strength without the use of repeaters.

Orbit B-Hyve Indoor Station

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