Most conventional timer-based systems water on a fixed weekly schedule and do not adjust to changing environmental conditions. This can result in over-watering of 30% - 50%. What’s more, over-watering injures plants and creates runoff that can damage paths and driveways.

With a feature set that exceeds most high-end controllers, the unit brings affordable ET based water management to any site - saving precious water resources and maintaining landscapes in peak condition.


  • Installed at more than 360,000 properties, water savings averaging 38%.
  • Weather-based watering option that auto-adjusts based on geographical location, temperature, and precipitation.
  • Accounts for seasons, soil, plant and sprinkler type to optimize water efficiency resulting in beautiful landscapes.
  • Eliminates run-off by providing maximum run-times and soak-times.
  • Complies with local water restrictions by enabling you to omit days.
Waterwise Products Program

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