Is Australia really water efficient?

Water Efficient Australia 2019

Smart Approved WaterMark and Water Services Association Australia have reviewed Australian water efficiency campaigns and initiatives to give you 'The Water Efficient Australia' report. This document demonstrates some of the most innovative programs and products being used around Australia to help customers and communities become more water efficient. Download the report here.

With drought part of Australia’s history and its future, water utilities are setting the benchmark for water efficiency knowledge and engagement worldwide. Through cycles of severe droughts and floods customers have been encouraged to change their behaviour through water efficient products, rebates and at times restrictions.

The ‘Water Efficient Australia’ report demonstrates some of the most innovative programs and products from using humour to advocate for change to smart meters and websites that provide leak and water use alerts).

Water companies are striving to reduce water usage in Australia by, launching school programs about saving water, building housing that uses water sustainably, creating technology that lets people monitor their water usage, and by offering rebates to customers where appropriate. See examples in Water Corporations 'Nature Knows Best' campaign and Hunter Water's 'Love Water' Campaign.

Power and Water Corporation engaged young people in their Katherine community with a unique school education program. the program was devised and implemented with the focus of both traditional indigenous concepts valuing water and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematical) education.

Using their own land South East Water teamed up with Villawood properties on a unique residential development collaboration. Built on a former waster water treatment plant site. Aquarevo will be the most water and energy efficient residential community in Australia. Residents will enjoy the benefits of innovative smart design and leading edge, intelligent water solutions. Find out more here.

Download the report here.

The strengthening relationship between companies and consumers through these methods is important to ensure water security is sound for any future drought situations.

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