Reaper Auto Industries Professional Detailer Steam Car Detail Service

Reaper auto Industries have developed a service process whereby we use a high pressure steam cleaner and waterless, bio degradable car care products to clean cars. This is in direct competition to hand car wash and pressure wash systems Steam cleaning isn’t new but our steam cleaner is designed with the manufacturer so that 6 to 8 bar pressure on the cleaner delivers 180 psi pressure of steam at the nozzle.

Both dry steam options can be placed over human skin at a distance of 6 inches away with no health risk making it safe to operate. Industry standard are that car washes can wash a cars exterior approx every 10 to 15 minutes. Magic hand which is one of the main Australian car wash companies quote ‘a car every 5 minutes. Per car a pressure washer will use on average 60 to 80 litres water. (Statistics vary on this from 60 to 180 dependent upon the sources and manufacturers recommendations so we took the lowest figures for comparison. Hose / hand wash will use 100 to 150 litres per car


  • Our steamer uses between 2 and 4 litres per car. That is around 60 litres per car.
  • One steam station will save 95% of the water or 57 litres per car. Per day on a 8 hour day that's 12 per hour, 96 per day, 672 cars a week
  • This steam can be in three forms.
    • Wet steam 98 degrees
    • Dry steam 102 degrees. (Variations between these two is done via adjusting the level of condensation delivered. )
    • Super heated dry steam at around 180 degrees.

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