The water efficiency resource for water utilities, councils and businesses

Water efficiency is fast becoming a necessity for many residents and businesses across Australia as we head into one of the driest winters on record and the fifth consecutive year of water scarcity.

Restrictions and drought measures are just some of the main strategies for reducing water use but as we all know the best remedy to avoiding these is mindful and wise use of water in homes and businesses.

Smart Water Advice is a resource we have developed to help water utilities, businesses and councils to provide professional water efficiency information to their customers.

As of April 2019 we have over 60 water utilities and councils from across the nation subscribing to this resource

For a small subscription fee, access can be gained to the Smart Water Advice platform which contains:

  • 35 pages of regionalised water saving content for homes, gardens and workplaces. Check them out here.
  • Interactive resources eg: plant finder, water calculators and our unique Blue House. Each of these can be embedded and rebranded for subscriber websites.
  • The Blue House is an interactive home that invites viewers to join its residents to a number of events around the house where they can view water efficiency tips and advice, where they can play games and view water efficient products and services at a pace that suits them. Visit today.
  • We have a number of How to Water efficiency videos and some professionally produced television commercials. Available to rebrand as your own and embed in your site.

The online resource is available for subscribers to embed within their own site or link directly to via provided banners and/or hyperlinks. Resources can be customised, regionalised and branded.

In addition to this fabulous online resource, we offer consumer factsheets, posters, bill inserts and shower timers. We also produce materials for Hospitality including table cards, Choose Tap glass bottles and shower hangers.

We go one step further with businesses offering online water management plans, benchmarking information and water efficiency audits so you can see what to be aiming for with your water use and bills and how to reduce both!

Young water savers can find out more about water and it’s journey with our fun colouring sheets and our 4 water story books. Again all materials can be rebranded for individual subscribers and provided as part of the fee. We can even arrange print using our best waterless printing partner Fishprint (production costs are additional to subscription but competitive).

So if you are a business looking to make water efficiencies or councils and utilities who want to help Australia more mindful of their water use then ‘Smart Water Advice’ is the tool for you.

View this water efficiency resource at

Benefits for water utilities and councils include;

  • No need for every organisation to spend time developing water efficiency resources independently.
  • Provides resources to organisations that do not have resources or time to produce such resources.
  • The collaborative nature of the program means that resources can be produced at low cost to each subscriber.
  • Central production ensures consistency of design and messaging.

Chris Philpot, our CEO, tells you all about it in the video here.

Interested in finding out more about subscribing just call Chris Philpot on 02 9223 3322 or drop him a line at

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