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The Smart Approved WaterMark is much more than a label. Having the Mark on your products and services shows your products are quality, sustainable, water saving innovations. You are part of a program that responds to the needs of the nations water users, generating awareness of wise water behaviour and facilitating water efficiency.

We know people are on autopilot when using water inside and outside the home. We also know their perceived water use and actual is a huge contrast, that’s why we offer the independently assessed Smart Approved WaterMark. Using these products, the nation can conserve more water and waste less.

We welcome innovative products and services to apply to be part of the portfolio. The bigger it gets; more awareness of the label is generated and the products that carry it. More products mean a greater likelihood shoppers will make smart water choices therefore more sales for you.

Find out how the Smart Approved WaterMark can deliver value for you.


  1. The Independent Technical Expert Panel provides third party assessment of water saving. Once approved you are licensed to use the Smart WaterMark logo on your approved product/service packaging, point of sale information, website and marketing materials.
  2. Your approved product/service will have its own dedicated page on the Smart WaterMark website featuring a large product image, description, company logo and external links to your site.
  3. Smart WaterMark promotes its licensees in Australia through its marketing, PR and communications i.e. social media posts, articles in newsletters, word of mouth, presentations at events and the website.
  4. Licensees are recognised as supporters of Smart WaterMark in its national water efficiency campaigns.
  5. During times of drought when rebates are offered, Smart WaterMark has been used as a criterion.
  6. Water efficiency is a unique selling point. Current certificate holders have seen that certification provides market advantage.
  7. Approved licensees may also be eligible to be listed in the Waterwise Products Program as long as the product falls into their category criteria

If you have any questions or queries about the Smart Approved WaterMark scheme, just drop us an email at