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Specially designed and mixed to achieve a sandy loam texture with a variety of materials including organics, clay, peat and sand.This soil blend has been proven to reduce water required to sustain plant life by 50% when compared with native Bassendean sand. The blend contains fine grained mineral elements designed to provide long term water holding capacity in the soil structure.

Aquamor™ Soil Blend has been designed for gardeners to plant directly into. Tests showed that plants grown in this soil blend got twice as much water as those grown in the sands native to the Swan Coastal Plain.


  • Includes Peat - contains both water retention and organic nutrient properties.
  • Includes Clay and Ash - fine grain material ideal for increasing water retention and reducing nutrient leaching.
  • Includes Organic Humus - provides slow release plant available nutrients and the micro-organisms essential for turning a ‘blend’ into a ‘soil’.
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