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Inline Chlorine Generators for salt and freshwater commercial pools

AIS Water’s award-winning AutoChlor and EcoLine inline chlorine generators are a game changer for the commercial swimming pool industry. AIS’ technology is enhancing life with solutions for every pool type and application including FINA-standard competition pools, municipal pools, aquatic centres, swim schools, hotel and resort pools, water theme parks and more. Designed and manufactured in Australia and operating in over 55 countries worldwide, AIS’ AutoChlor range is designed for salt water, coastline or seawater pools, with EcoLine designed for low salinity/freshwater pools. Importantly, AIS’ technology helps to preserve our world’s most precious resource with independent university research showing savings of up to 1.6million litres of water in just one 50 metre pool per year (when compared to liquid or granular chlorine dosing). Described as a small little chlorine factory which can sit discreetly next to your pool. By converting salt into free chlorine which is the disinfectant. The difference is what the electrodes are made from. They have to save money, water, costs, OH&S issues. Basically one box which negates about 10 problems related to commercial pools.

Learn more about why AIS Water’s technology is the smart choice in this short video here:


  • AIS Water technology is enhancing the health, wellbeing, safety and enjoyment of swimmers and pool staff across the planet. Pool water treated by our inline chlorine generators creates a clean and bacteria free environment.
  • There is no need for chlorine deliveries.
  • No need for handling or bulk chlorine storage facilities.
  • No need for hefty occupational health and safety (OH&S) or maintenance costs due to chlorine exposure affecting surrounding equipment and infrastructure. We have eliminated these severe risks to further enhance the safety of people, pool equipment and the environment.


  • AutoChlor – water salinity levels between 4,000-35,000 ppm with chlorine output from 100g/hr up to 5kg/hr.
  • EcoLine – water salinity levels between 1,200ppm and 4,000ppm with chlorine output from 130g/hr up to 3kg/hr. EcoLine also reduces the risk of salt-induced staining, degradation and corrosion on poolside paving, fixtures and fittings.

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