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The Grey Flow PRO product is a true Greywater diversion system designed for commercial use and large homes. The design integrates multiple sensors and a self-cleaning mechanism to enable a large amount of Greywater to be reused in a maintenance free manner.

With the cost of water constantly rising and water restrictions in place in many parts of the world, it makes sense not to throw out the water that has been paid for and to reuse it to irrigate the household garden and trees.

Today the G-flow greywater system is widely used to filter and pump laundry, shower and basin water into irrigation systems for gardens. The greywater system was originally designed for this specific application and carries the appropriate health and plumbing standards and certifications in countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & South Africa.


  • Easy to Install Plumb, Plug & Play fully integrated unit
  • Robust thermal protected vortex pump
  • Simple, robust, and reliable design with no controller
  • Diverts Grey Water from one 50mm (2") connection
  • 3-way manual valve for gravity diversion to rainwater overflow or sewer when not in use
  • Easy to pull-out sludge trap basket
  • Extra-large 4 layers graded vertical filter
  • Can be set above ground, partially buried, or even wall mounted
  • Can convert a hand moved single outlet hose from the clothes washer to a multiple (up to 6) zones watering system when used together with a GF-Rotor
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