Hoselink Hose Connectors were created to help you save water and provide a reliable, durable connection on both ends of your garden hose. The system includes fittings for the tap, hose end and watering accessories, and can be fitted to any regular garden hose.


  • The Hoselink Hose Connector is a patented hose fitting that is guaranteed to never burst off your hose.
  • The hose is pushed on to a stem with a barb and held securely with a split ring. This concept makes it virtually impossible for the fitting to burst off.
  • Hoselink connectors join together with a bayonet type fitting and o-ring to o-ring seal. This design makes it watertight and easy to connect with a simple point and twist motion.
  • The Hoselink Hose Connector with Flow Control is fitted on to the end of the hose and gives you complete water flow control via the lever that shuts the water off via a ball valve. This effectively turns the end of your hose into a tap.
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