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Acclima soil moisture sensor

The Acclima TDT sensor provides accurate soil moisture readings which are interpreted by the Acclima controllers to determine whether to water based on a suspended cycle or when soil moisture reaches a specified threshold.

Great water savings are made since the soil is only watered when needed. This is a low cost product that provides highly accurate and absolute readings of soil moisture, under all conditions of temperature and soil chemistry.


  • Sensor requires no calibration.
  • Works in all soils.
  • Very low power requirements.
  • Battery operatable.
  • When used in conjunction with these Acclima controllers SC24, SC36 or CS3500, this Moisture Sensor makes for a fully automated irrigation control system.

CS24/CS36 Controllers

The SC24/36 controllers are 24/36 zone controllers that incorporate moisture sensing technology to prevent over-watering. It employs Acclima Digital TDT® moisture sensors with many easy-to-use features for optimum irrigation efficiency.

Acclima RD1200 Handheld Reader

Is an all-in-one precision soil moisture and conductivity sensor kit. Ideal for a diverse range of applications from Golf Course Superintendents, Council Facility managers, Nurseries, Horticulturalists, Agronomists and Compost manufacturers. The RD1200 will measure moisture in almost anything.


  • Easy to use, all-in one unit
  • Instant Moisture and EC (nutrients) readings at the touch of a button
  • GPS-located data for download and analysis of hundreds of readings.
  • Uses Acclima’s Patented TDR sensor technology - precise readings, no calibration required
  • Developed in partnership with soil scientists at the US Dept. Of Agriculture
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