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TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda is incredibly drought tolerant and water efficient, proven by extensive independent turf trials.

TifTuf Bermuda Grass is a turf variety that has been developed in the United States and was selected for its drought tolerance. Further extensive independent trails and assessments were then conducted on TifTuf in Australian conditions. TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda was a clear stand out performer in these trials.

TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda is the first and only grass to be awarded the Smart Approved Water Mark for these exceptional water saving benefits that it was bred for. TifTuf can be established with a fraction of the water that most other varieties require. Part of this is due to its rapidly establishing root system that can see it take root in less than 7 days, which can be up to 75% quicker than other varieties.

TifTuf is a grass that has been bred to stand up to drought conditions and save you water. With TifTuf becoming the new benchmark when it comes to measuring the drought tolerance of turf.


  • Can take root in less than 7 days, up to 75% faster than other varieties
  • Needs a fraction of the water other varieties require to get established
  • Drought tolerant - requiring on average 38% less water than other varieties
  • Hand selected from over 30,000 different varieties

TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda can be used in domestic yards, commercial spaces and sporting fields and reduce the overall use of water in these settings. TifTuf is only available from Lawn Solutions Australia accredited growers and suppliers.