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Vegepod, an Australian owned and operated business provides an easily accessible, low-maintenance, almost fail-proof raised garden bed for all. Vegepod winning both SharkTank and the Royal Chelsea Flower and Garden show recently, the Vegepod Raised Garden Bed is a specific solution to solving gardening pain points such as pests, maintenance, and watering.


  • The Vegepod is unique due to its self-watering wicking bases that ensure your plants always have access to water from below, with overflow holes that avoid drowning your plants. You can go two to three weeks away in the summer and know your garden will thrive. The contained Vegepod saves up to 80% of water compared to your average garden.
  • The misting spray connection within the canopy is easily attached to your standard hose connection to allow for a gentle mist spray ideal for water maintenance and young seedlings.
  • The Vegepod has a permeable mesh protective canopy that allows the good necessities through such as sun, air and rain, whilst protecting against pests, harsh elements and weeds. The commercial grade fine mesh creates a micro-climate ideal for optimum growth.
  • The one-foot growing depth means you are not limited to just herbs and leafy greens, but can expand your edible gardening to root vegetables and larger plants.
  • The Vegepod, unlike other raised garden beds is certifiably food-safe, non-leaching and BPA free through its industry quality polypropylene plastic and is also recyclable. The stands are galvanised steel, powder coated with stainless steel bolts to successfully support the raised garden bed.
  • The Vegepod can come with a raised and portable stand, meaning the garden is accessible for anyone of all abilities and location.
  • The set-up is easy, coming in a flat pack box, with no tools required.
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