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Spick & Span provides commercial cleaning services for offices, child care, strata, hospitals and more. They use water efficient methods and utilises technology and products that minimise the use of water, ensuring the safety of the environment and the health of their customers and staff.


  • Use green technology and products.
    • Use microfiber cloths and mops to reduce cleaning product reuired
    • Use steam cleaner that use only 15ml of water per room versus using on average 7ltrs per room for an average mop and bucket.
    • They are the only user of high pressure steam cleaners for air conditioning plants, commercial kitchens, heavy machinery and more. This technology combines the sterilizing effect of steam with the power of compressed air for a deep clean. Traditional sprayers use 18-35ltrs per min when theirs use 2.7lts per min. Free seminars on how to use green cleaning processes to clean homes.
  • Regular inspections.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.